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Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's Video Clip - Anarchy in SW Ontario

It names no parties, leaders, or anything like that... but it's BY FAR one of the most important issues of this election campaign...

Listen to this frightening quote starting at the 55 second mark... "We want no construction within our juristiction of the treaties, which is six miles on each side of the Grand River... so we decided that it's time for us to take action since nobody's listening to us."

That's a quote... they have laid claim to not only Caledonia, but Paris, Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo... AND ARE DEMADING THAT NO CONSTRUCTION TAKE PLACE WITHIN THIS ZONE. NONE, nada, zippo... zero development within one of Ontario's strongest regions, the KW Techology hub of Southwestern Ontario.

Mr. McGuinty, please, DO SOMETHING. The Rule of Law has been suspended, and the Six Nations are attempting to assert control over a vast swath of urban Southwestern Ontario. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.

Heck... I'd even openly support you if you suspended the election in order to deal with this full blown crisis.

UPDATE: Kudos to The Toronto Star for being the first of the MSM to give this story the prominence it deserves... the lead story.

CTV is also now reporting on it, though it is relegated to their 2nd tier stories...

Still nothing from the CBC or Global, but Global National is about to come on, so that may change...

UPDATE II: It's being carried as the 4th or 5th story on Global National tonight... only a 20 second blurb. It's a start...

UPDATE III: Well, CKCO, the Kitchener CTV affiliate, actually covered this well tonight on the 11:30 news.

And, I'll give credit to some of the Native leaders there in Caledonia... they stepped up to the plate, and offered an appology to the family of the beaten man... they have also requested that any remaining protesters vacate the construction site. I think that was a great move, and might actually serve to defuse the situation somewhat.

However, the root issue at hand still has yet to be dealt with... the issuing of "building permits" by the "Haudenosaunee Development Institute". Tthis illegal assertion of authority by some within the Six Nations still needs to be addressed by the various levels of the Government. Unless this root issue is brought to light and stopped, the residents of seven ridings in Southwestern Ontario are subject to being held hostage at a moments notice... and that is totally unacceptable.

Trust me... this issue is going to be raised in these ridings... some of which currently have Liberal MPP's...

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