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Friday, September 14, 2007

"France Antes Up"

This is good news in today's National Post, and seems to be under reported by the MSM... for some strange reason.

France will be moving six of their fighter jets from Tajikistan to Kandahar, along with appx. 300 support personnel, in order to support the Canadian Forces stationed there... three of them are being modified for surveillience purposes, and three will be used for direct troop support.
France antes up
National Post
Published: Friday, September 14, 2007

For the last year, Canadian politicians have been trying to spread the pain in Afghanistan. While more than two dozen NATO countries have troops in the country, most of these national forces operate under restrictive mandates that preclude them from engaging in offensive combat operations. These include detachments from France, Germany, Italy and Spain, which are concentrated in the north of Afghanistan where the Taliban is weak and security is more assured. And so the Dutch, British, Canadians and Americans -- which aren't limited to passive patrol duty -- largely have been left to clear out Taliban strongholds such as the Helmand and Kandahar provinces on their own.

Fortunately, France's new President, Nikolas Sarkozy, appears to be listening to Canadian concerns. On Friday, France announced that it is relocating six Mirage fighter jets from Tajikistan to Kandahar, where our soldiers are based. Three of the fighter jets will be used to support ground troops, including Canadians, and the other three are geared for surveillance work, which will give Canadian ground commanders more eyes in the air. This may help reduce the number of incidents whereby Canadian soldiers are exposed to roadside bombs planted by the Taliban.

This is a small but important step by France that will help save the lives of NATO soldiers. It entails the commitment of millions of dollars and roughly 300 French personnel, who will be based alongside Canadians in Kandahar.

Certainly more needs to be done, but France deserves credit for this gesture of support. It also serves to apply more pressure on NATO allies that are now effectively sitting out the war. When are the likes of Germany, Spain and Italy going to remove restrictions that forbid their troops from taking on duties in the south?

The benefits that flow from ridding Central Asia of the Taliban menace will be shared in equal measure by all civilized nations. It would be appreciated if those nations were also willing to share the associated burdens as well.

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  • At Fri. Sep. 14, 04:56:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Of course this will not be reported by the MSM.Why should they report any good news.They only want to report anything bad the CPC does not anything good.Thats their job and they are doing a good job.They are the best liberal propaganda machine in the world.God bless the MSM of Canada.They know everything and if they dont they will tell the truth as best they can.


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