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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More YouTube Videos

More videos for today, from the same YouTube source as the previous one... the Green Party's election launch. (video is in two parts)

Part One

Part Two

Having viewed the videos, I must say, they don't seem nearly as nutty as I thought they were. Though I don't agree with them on everything, my impression of them in the past has always been to assume that they're way off in left field on the issues... perhaps I've been guilty of stereotyping them!

Anyway, because of John Tory's stand on faith based school funding, if it wasn't for my local candidate, I might have actually considered these guys... I'll have to go to my own local debate and see what the candidates are like for myself. But I know my wife is leaning towards the Greens... except for their stand on moral issues, of course...

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