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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Guess who said it

I think we had a good initial meeting with the Prime Minister. When I’ve worked with him I’ve found the relationship to be constructive. We were able to get confirmation through Stephen Harper on the floodway project, which ultimately will save both the federal and provincial money by less disaster assistance. The Canadian Museum of Human Rights was languishing on the operating side. We were able to get an agreement there.

I guess the issues I disagree with the federal government on are the aboriginal issues. The jury’s still out on the Wheat Board.

But I’ve found the Prime Minister to be well-briefed and I’ve found him to be very intelligent. A yes means yes and a no means no, and you can get on with things. You don’t drift a lot when you meet with Prime Minister Harper; you get things done.
Who said it? A Conservative Preimier? A CPC member of some organization or lobby group? A Republican from the United States?

How about the recently re-elected NDP Priemier of Manitoba, Gary Doer?

h/t to Phantom Observer.

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