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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Star's article on Church giving

Well, Robert McLeftie and Co. seem to have their knickers in a knot over a Toronto Star article regarding churches and giving... or, more accurately, how the given finances are used.

For once, I'd have to sort of agree with Robert... I agree that church pastors should not be getting rich through their position. For me, if you're a pastor, you shouldn't be owning a couple of Lexus, BMW's, etc. You are to be THE BEST STEWARD amongst your congregation of what God has given you... an example to everyone. Thus, a Toyota Camry should do you just fine, you don't need the extra expence of a Lexus.

Robert and Co. seemed to miss one all important, key section in the article...
"John Pellowe, head of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, said laws don't compel churches to be open about their finances. Speaking in general terms about accountability, he said church members must themselves press their boards for transparency: "Are they doing what they said they would do with your money?" Pellowe's group conducts audits of council members who voluntarily provide their financial information. The Prayer Palace is not a certified member of the group."
All the churches and organizations that I have been involved with for the last 15 years have been members of the CCCC... including the church who's Board I sat on for two years.

I don't like it when people use "God's Work" for personal gain... or when people look at being a pastor as a "vocation"... it's a calling and a ministry, not "a regular job".

Please don't lump us all in together Robert... but please, feel free to expose the frauds for what they are.



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