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Sunday, November 27, 2005

On the Eve of the Big Game

Most guys have their sports teams. They follow them all year long and hope for that golden moment when they win it all in the playoffs.

So I'm not a sports guy. I have the physique of an accountant... though I'm not good with numbers. (my apologies to any fit financial people reading this) I've never played organized sports, and I don't follow any teams regularly.

BUT... I'm a political junkie. I know it. Yes, the West Wing is one of my favorite shows. Yes, I watch the feeds live from the House of Commons when something big is going on... and I'll be watching on Monday night, rest assured.

And my team is about to go into the playoffs. This is where we play for keeps. This time around, both teams are playing for a minority. The stakes are high. The Leader of the losing team will be voted off their respective island. The state of our national unity will be in play... a Liberal win will jeapordize our union, as I stated in August. Our economy is at stake, and I think it will stall if the Liberals win again.

Get your jerseys on, lace up, and keep your stick on the ice... here we go...


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