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Saturday, October 17, 2009

YCF efforts ramping up again

Thought we'd heard the last of this... oh well. The YCF is attempting to branch out again, forming an "informal association" of Conservative youth. This time they're targeting individual EDA's, who's leadership might not be as informed about the goals and aims of the YCF's leadership... namely Immanuel. In my opinion, it's just his way of trying to make himself a player, which he's not. (he's actually disliked by many "youth", in part because of some of his antics at the Winnipeg Convention, and in part because many people see his efforts as a veiled attempt to lay the foundation for a "Youth Wing" vote at a future Convention)

And just for the record, so people don't get the impression that I'm just attacking him... he and I have exchanged several messages in the past few months, and during those conversations I advised him on how he could move forward with his ideas, while at the same time ensuring that his efforts weren't construed as an attempt to bring in a "Youth Wing" through the back door. I also clearly advised him that I'd oppose any efforts to continue his campaign in it's current form. Needless to say, he didn't heed my advice. This post is my re-entry into the counter-campaign.

This is the e-mail is currently circulating the around various EDA's. I'd advise all CPC members to ensure that your EDA's Board is warned to ignore it accordingly. I'll definitely be warning all my local boards.
Good day "x",

My name is Immanuel Giulea and I am a young conservative activist from Brossard, QC.

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Young Conservative Forum (YCF). The group was started nearly eight months ago under my leadership. My initiative had the objective to give a voice to young conservatives at the national level. [AH, YOU MEAN LIKE A YOUTH WING?]

The purpose of this letter is to introduce the organization and to explore opportunities for cooperation between your EDA and the Young Conservative Forum.

Today, the YCF has over 500 members on its Facebook group, and with over a dozen MPs, MPPs and other important supporters who are influential conservatives. The YCF aims to fill a void: whereas all provincial conservative like-minded parties have a youth association that allows young people to network, the territories and federal levels do not. [BECAUSE WE CLEARLY SAID WE DON'T WANT OR NEED A YOUTH WING IMMANUEL... YOUTH WINGS ARE JUST SANDBOXES TO KEEP THE KIDS AWAY FROM THE GROWN-UPS TABLE!!!] The current CPC Energy program is only present in about 40 campuses, many of which are not very active, and outside of the campus clubs, no events are organized. This means that over 500 campuses across the country are not represented.

The YCF is built around the concept of a grassroots organization with a bottom-up approach that will empower young conservatives. We are an informal association for young conservatives, not a youth wing. [YEA, RIGHT... SORRY, MOST OF US JUST DON'T BELIEVE YOU WHEN YOU SAY THAT] The mission of the YCF can be defined as to “provide networking, training, political experience, and discussion opportunities for young Canadians interested in advancing the ideals of individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise in Canada”.

More precisely, the YCF has five primary objectives:

- Connect young Canadians aged 30 and under, regardless of their political background (fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, progressive conservatives, small-c conservatives, green conservatives, libertarians, classic liberals and republicans) who want to engage and meet with other like-minded young Canadians.

- Foster involvement of the next generation of conservatives by assisting and facilitating Party/EDA/Campus events;

- Attract and educate young Canadians about conservatism. Train and mobilize those interested in gaining political experience;

- Raise awareness of conservative principles. Counter the left-wing bias on campuses and in the mainstream media by promoting discussions and debate amongst young conservative activists;

- Portray a positive image of the conservative brand:
- friendly of entrepreneurs/businesses, local artists, amateur athletes;
- promote environmental stewardship;
- promote foreign policy based on the belief that Canada has an active role to play in international relations;
- individual liberties and personal responsibilities belong in the hands of individuals, not those of the state.

In closing, we would like to emphasize that the YCF would like to become a partner with the EDA in their role “to encourage the participation and recruitment of youth”. We therefore respectfully ask if your EDA Board would consider and be willing to support the initiatives of the YCF. If you have EDA members under the age of 30 who would like to get more involved in the political process, could you please refer them to the Young Conservative Forum.

[AND CHECK THIS LITTLE BIT OUT...] The YCF is not an affiliated organization of the Conservative Party of Canada because the constitution does not allow for a youth organization, and creating one would require a constitutional amendment. [OH, SO YOU'D SUPPORT THE FORMATION OF A YOUTH WING IF THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWED IT? YEA, I THOUGHT SO...] We do not seek to have such an amendment made.

There are currently two events planned that fit our mission.

- The first one is a panel discussion about the “Future of conservatism in Canada”, this event takes place at Café République in Montreal (1200 Peel St). Similar events will take place in Calgary and Toronto in early 2010, and others will follow in the spring. These events fall under the objective to “raise awareness about conservative principles”.

- The second event hosts Satya Das, awarding-winning journalist and author of “Green Oil” which discusses how the oil sands can become the foundation of a green economy in Canada. This event falls under the objective to “Portray a positive image of the conservative brand”, specifically “promote environmental stewardship”.

If you would like to attend either of these events, please visit or send an email to

I once again wish to thank you for your time and consideration,

Immanuel Giulea
Founder and Contact for Quebec
I'll say it again... NO YOUTH WING. So long as this idea stays in it's little sandbox, it's fine, but I still think it's an undercover effort to lay the foundation for a youth wing.

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  • At Sat Oct 17, 04:46:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Top Can said…

    Remind me again why you guys don't have a youth wing?

    Is it because you think a youth wing will marginalize young conservatives into a special interest group within the party? And the best way to make sure that they are treated as equally as all CPC members is to not have a youth wing at all? Then how come it is okay at the provincial level?

  • At Mon Oct 19, 06:44:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Matthew said…

    Believe me CC, I more than most was very skeptical of this but I've done some research and find Immanuel's efforts to be legitimately different.

    As for the question asked above, the OPC created a youth wing long ago and the only attempt to phase it out came from Randy Hillier last February, which was unsuccessful. The Reform tradition, which had the numbers to defend such a measure, didn't want a youth wing because it gave youth a disproportionate say in the direction of the party and was a vehicle that could easily be hijacked by leadership candidates or other special interests. As such, I believe the CPC will eventually recognize a youth group of some sort, but it will never have special voting privileges.


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  • At Fri Nov 13, 11:46:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ? Why shouldn't the Conservative Party have a Youth wing ? Also please do learn to make your arguments more brief.


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