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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did Valeriote pull a "Garth Turner" on CPAC?

UPDATE: There's more at the end of this post...

With all the controversy over Garth Turner's staging of a canvass for the CPAC cameras, it got me wondering... so I reviewed the CPAC footage from Guelph last week, and guess what? It looks like Guelph Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote may have tried to pull the same stunt on CPAC by staging the canvass!

Take a look at the footage and judge for yourself, specifically between the 13:22 and 20:00 minute marks. I've put together some commentary on what I noticed...

13.22 - Frank running between doors on a canvass. What candidate RUNS between doors like that? Not anyone who's experienced, at least from what I've seen... you arrive at the door out of breath, you sweat a lot, and you kill yourself after a short period of time. The experienced ones pace themselves, and while they walk quickly from door to door, they're in it for the long haul. The runners? Rookies, and you know they're only going to do it for a couple minutes. In this case, I'm betting he was out there just as long as the cameras were rolling. Anyway, that's just an aside... on to the real stuff.

13.33 - This encounter is the clearest evidence that this was a "Garth Turner" stunt. Listen to this lady... "Who else would I vote for?" There's definately history between these two, that much is clear. But how about when Frank asks her if she wants a lawn sign? Did you hear what he said? "I see Ronnie's got one on his lawn..." Catch that? Yea... he know's this lady's neighbours BY NAME. How would he know that UNLESS HE KNEW THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD WELL? That's right, looks like another Liberal candidate hand picked a friendly canvass route for the cameras... the very same thing Garth Turner got busted for earlier this week.

16:20 - I guess not everything went according to plan... looks like Frank's having the same problem all Liberal candidates are having, trying to explain the Green Shift. I love the owner's reply to the "you pay less income tax" line... "Do you really believe that?" LOL! Then he goes on about Dion, and she replies, "I believe the honesty, but I don't know how effective he is." ZING! Then we get a clue that she's actually another previously IDed Liberal supporter, because she comes out and states, "I was Ignatieff's...". BUSTED... no way would a non-Liberal come out with a line like that. This once again raises the suspision that this canvass was a pure set-up for the CPAC cameras... they picked a street loaded with previously known Liberal supporters, but one that went horribly wrong for the Guelph Liberal candidate. They thought he was going to get all friendlies at the door, but this lady is someone who's thinking for herself... and has come to the conclusion that she doesn't like Dion, or the Green Shift.

18:10 - Now CPAC asks Frank how the response is at the door regarding her response to Dion and to the Green Shift, the two big albatross that are hanging around every Liberal's neck right now. He clearly indicates that he's having a tough sell, even though he's able to convince some of them at the door to support the plan anyway.

Haven't finshed re-watching the entire video, lunch is over and I have work to do... but if there's anything more, be sure that a followup will be posted.

UPDATE: Did some further digging, and what do I find? Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I've been able to determine the exact street the CPAC video was filmed on. Based on that information, I've also been able to determine the names of several individuals in the video, and that more than one of the individuals filmed is are known Liberal supporters. In fact, one of these individuals has been recently quoted in the local media as a Frank Valeriote supporter.

The evidence keeps piling up... the canvass was STAGED for the folks at CPAC. As to whether or not they were aware of this is yet undetermined. But based on their outrage at being setup by Garth Turner last week, I'm willing to bet they weren't knowing participants.

However, I think this video is a strong indicator that all is not well for the Liberal Party, even in "safe" ridings like Guelph... even on a hand-picked "friendly" street, things went horribly wrong for Frank, with him having to spend time defending his leader, Stephane Dion (which he doesn't mention in his liturature, funny that) and Dion's Carbon Tax Green Shift.

Stay tuned, I think this story is FAR from over...

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  • At Wed Sep 17, 02:40:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was a toss up for Frank to go to the NDP or Green supporters as well. With him trying to unite the "left" it must have been a hard decision.


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