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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bill C-38

Okay, so here goes. The bill to change the definition of marriage is on the House floor.

Here's my hopes for it... that it is debated for weeks, then goes to committee... then the Government collapses before they can push it any further. Then Mr. Martin makes it his one and only election agenda... and Mr. Harper shows Canadians that he's the only one talking about real issues... and then the Conservatives get to form the next government.

At least, that's my hope in this debate.

Of course, my primary hope is that this bill gets killed, the piece of junk it is. I'm a man of faith, and I'll tell you one thing... the bill defends (for now) my right not to perform same-sex marriages... but it in NO WAY protects my right to define same-sex marriage as wrong. Thus, the religious freedoms of those who's faith oppose same-sex marriage are NOT protected by this bill.

Let's see where all this goes. Stay tuned for more thoughts...


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