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Friday, January 28, 2005

Same Sex Marriage - Time to weigh in...

My wife sent a letter to a bunch of MP's regarding our opposition to this issue. One MP (well, two, our own MP and now one Liberal) sent us (well, a staffer did) a note on his view. I'm posting my reply here for you to review...

To The Honourable Sarmite D. Bulte, P.C., M.P.,

I wholeheartedly oppose your view on this issue.

Marriage was NOT created, and thus, not defined, by any government. It is an inherent human institution that has outlived any other institution in our world history, and outlived any other government in this world. This fact is true regardless of where you believe marriage came from, be it from God or otherwise. The Government of Canada does not have the right to re-write the definition of an institution that it had no part in creating, nor does it have the right to re-write thousands of years of human tradition.

I am, however, a firm believer that each and every Canadian has the right to live as he or she so chooses. That is why the creation of some other form of union I feel is a more appropriate means of dealing with this issue. But to attempt to redefine marriage is something that you sir, nor any other leader, has any right to do.

You have indicated that religious institutions will not be required to perform same-sex marriages. Therefore, I ask this question that MUST be addressed before proceeding with this legislation; will the peoples of those faiths still retain the right not to recognize same-sex marriages, and to condemn them as wrong, as their religions so teach? If not, then I submit to you that the legislation will not be sufficient to protect the religious freedoms of the peoples of Canada. You will be denying the freedoms of many to satisfy the demands of the few. And that sir, is TRUELY wrong; to blatantly deny the rights of one while granting rights to another, when it is in your power to grant equal rights to both.

As a representative of the Canadian people, please do not vote in favour of this motion. Please consider making an amendment to affirm the rights of all Canadians by proposing some other form of union.



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