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Friday, September 28, 2007

Liberals and ""

"" has relased a new uber-negative attack ad against John Tory, trying to link him with Mike Harris and imply that he will make drastic cuts.

I find it interesting that they launch their new attack ad on the same day that Mr. McGuinty tries to change the channel by accusing Mr. Tory of the exact same thing. Interesting, don't you think?

Coincidence? I don't think so... we already know that "" is just a union-based arms length front for the Ontario Liberal Party, since many orgainizers for them are well connected Liberals and donors. This new attack ad just confirms our suspisions. The Ontario Liberals decided that it's time to launch a new salvo against Tory, so they issued orders to their peons to release their new attack ad... by doing so via their front group, they can attempt vainly fein ignorance, while seeking a boost in the polls.

As Gomez from the Addams Family put it, "Dirty pool old man... dirty pool."

Fortunately, I think the people of Ontario are too smart to fall for this. It's one of the most negative American style attack ads I've ever seen, and I think, if Tory's team is smart and can spin it properly, it could come back and haunt the Ontario Liberals.

Getting an "unbiased" third party to do your dirty work for you will not likely go down too well with the Ontario voter... it smacks of the dirty American style politics that we hate so much.

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