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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Comment on the next GG's statement

This guy, a fairly well known blogger, broke a month long hiatus to comment on the statement issued by Mme. Jean, the next GG. And I'm glad he broke the silence, because I think he summed it up well.

We asked a simple question, and we demand an answer... did you vote "Oui", or "Non"? Yes, we have the right to a secret ballot... but if you want to hold such a great office, you'd better be willing to give up that right and tell us where you stand.

And on a related note... why was her statement posted on the Liberal Party website?

And now, why was it suddenly removed? Isn't the Liberal Party website for partisan party propoganda? Oops, sorry, my mistake... it was Party propoganda...

My goodness... did the Liberals oops again on this one?

UPDATE: Another Blogging Tory managed to snag a screenshot before they pulled it:


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