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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Foot in Mouth - Ms. Parrish Style!

Got to love comments like these from Carolyn Parrish. But for some reason, according to Paul Wells from, these comments have been recently pulled from her website. Well, just to ensure that they remain available to the world at large...

And here's the full text:

"It has been obvious for many months that I have been extremely unhappy with the tone and direction of the current Liberal Party and government under the leadership of Paul Martin. I accept fully that my long held views and positions are incompatible with the current government. On balance, my leaving the Liberal Caucus is the only appropriate action...

The current governing party has systematically rejected traditional liberalism in a quest to gain favour with the United States — and perhaps former Progressive Conservative supporters.

Paul Martin's ascension to the leadership of the Liberal party was marked with intrigue, intimidation and the de-facto ousting of almost all who disagreed with his positions... In fact Paul Martin led a shadow government within Chrétien's term of office... Surrounded by sycophants and backed by a largely neutered caucus, Mr. Martin's crew is now free — subject only to the minority government status — to run this government with virtually no dissent...

I fully intend to run as an independent liberal in the next federal election."

— Carolyn Parrish, Nov. 19, 2004. The full text of this news release is currently unavailable on Ms. Parrish's website.


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