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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obama's "Waterloo" may be Benghazi

It's been quite a while since I posted, and quite frankly, as I'm sure most of my long time readers will understand, I haven't felt like posting much... for some strange reason.

Well, all that changed today, with the absolutely shameful display of partisanship displayed by the "Mainstream Media" today with the most recent and damaging allegations in the whole Benghazi affair. You can check the story out for yourself here.

While I don't normally give Fox News much attention whatsoever, this one is far too important to simply ignore the source out of hand. The accusation, apparently from sources right on the ground there in Benghazi, is that just up the road from the site of the attack on September 11th, a team of CIA operatives were stationed. In accordance with their training, they immediately responded to the sound of heavy gunfire, and accessed that there was something VERY WRONG going on up the road.

So, naturally, they called for orders. And heard these words that will likely forever haunt them, and hopefully will forever haunt anyone and everyone who's working for President Barak Obama this election cycle: "STAND DOWN"

Excuse me? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! "STAND DOWN"?!?!? Your ambassador and staff are UNDER ATTACK, and you order, you ORDER, an on the ground team, who have the training and the firepower, to NOT get involved?

These are pretty explosive allegations. But for the rest of the "Mainstream" media to simply and completely ignore these reports is quite frankly, unbelievable. At the VERY LEAST, with an election just over a week away, you'd think that ALL the media outlets would be clamoring over one another to get to the bottom of this... "Who gave the order" and "If/When did the White House get this intel?" Or, quite frankly, "Did this event actually even happen?"

I mean, let's think about this logically... I mean, for the rest of the Mainstream media outlets, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. By digging FAST and DEEP into this story, they'll either A) get the scoop before Fox News, or B) expose Fox News for perpetuating a fraud. It's a WIN-WIN for them to pursue this story. Any yet, for some inexplicable reason, none of them are going anywhere near it.

Unless, of course, there IS an explainable reason why... because they got a crush on Obama.

Come on, we ALL know it. Obama and the Democrats have been getting a free ride ONCE AGAIN during this election cycle. (except for the first debate, of course... and the only reason they couldn't simply ignore and not report on that one was because a huge percentage of the population saw it happen with their own eyes...)

But thankfully, there's social media to ensure that this story gets out... it's been trending all day on Twitter via various hashtags, #Benghazi and #StandDown primarily. Senator John McCain has been doing his best to push the issue, as has Ann Coulter and a few other prominent individuals. More info is streaming out, and every piece that comes out just looks worse and worse for President Obama. Some are even beginning to suggest that the order to "Stand Down" may have even come directly from the White House itself.

Now, I for one am not one to subscribe to that theory... however, it's entirely possible that someone along the chain of command made the decision to "Stand Down" based on policy and general directives put in place by this Administration... so a bad call was made due to a poor foreign policy framework. Which, ultimately, points to a failure on the part of the Obama Administration. Therefore the only questions we have left to answer is WHO, and WHEN.

But we're not getting any of that. At least not from the rest of the Mainstream Media.

We're less than two weeks out from a Presidential Election, and the MSM is doing their absolute best to ensure that the American people DON'T get to the bottom of this. The Obama Administration's line is, of course, that they want a full and through investigation on this matter... so long as no information is released until November 7th, of course. Well, when you're in the midst of an election that has huge ramifications on the future of your nation's foreign policy, you ought not to have the power and ability to suppress what information gets out into the public sphere, information that the public REQUIRES to make an informed choice. And the media most certainly should not be aiding and abetting such an affront to the democratic process.

This may end up being Obama's "Waterloo"... the battle that decided his fate. If the information gets out, it may either hurt or help his campaign, we don't know. (unless, of course, the Administration already knows the information WILL be damaging...) But if the truth comes out, and it appears that the Administration and/or the media sought to suppress this information from getting out, then it will MOST DEFINITELY undermine his re-election efforts... and rightly so.

So, I'll be following this story with great interest over the next few days. Hopefully, so will many other people... and eventually, will force the hand of the editorial staff in the other outlets who thus far haven't deemed this story to be worthy of further coverage.

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