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Friday, January 29, 2010

PETA gets what they deserve

Those friendly Newfoundlanders... always willing to share a pie, even with folks who are seeking to kill their livelihoods.

Well deserved after their stunt the other day.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the King of Prorougation is... Bob Rae?

Whodathunkit... turns out that the guy who's most prorogued a parliamentary body in Canada is none other than one of Mr. Harper's loudest prorogue critics... Bob "NDP Ontario Prorouge King" Rae.

The columnist who blew the lid on that hypoGrit, Christina Blizzard, also penned another gem yesterday, following up on some of the blowback she received from the left for that article, and bringing forward a suggestion for Mr. Harper that I'm all in favour of... CALLING THE LIBERALS ON THEIR BLUFF.

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Apple "iPad"... I WANT ONE

Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched the "iPad" today, basically a cross between an iPod Touch, a MacBook, and a Tablet computer.

I WANT ONE... and I'm not normally much of a latest-and-greatest kinda guy... nor an Apple guy.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Liberals and NDP takeover Prorogue rallies

So much for "non-partisan"... the Liberal Party and the NDP managed to takeover much of the agenda of KW's "Rally for Democracy" today, turning it into not much more than a "We Hate Harper" rally. And yes, I was there to see it all for myself.

Why don't we lead off with this little gem...
Yes, that's right, once again we see the left equates our Right Honourable Prime Minister with a mass-murdering Anti-Semite. And they think we're NUTS? And for the record, I didn't see ANYONE even trying to get that offensive sign taken down.

What's that? Accusing our troops of "War Crimes" again? Have you guys been talking to John MacCallum or something?

Notice the logo on her touque? That's right, we've got a Greenie!
An interesting and inadvertent little "poll" they conducted for me with this sign. In the hour or so I was there? Around 15-20 horns honked... TOTAL. And how many hundreds of cars do you figure pass through uptown Waterloo on a given Saturday?

Another "FASCISTS" slur... at least he's somewhat original with his baseless attack.

And we see the Dippers out in full force... there were a dozen or so of these signs floating around the crowd.

While the organizers did a half decent job of at least putting a venere of non-partisanship on the surface of things, it wasn't very thick, and didn't hold for very long. The various speakers were doing their best to attack all things Harper, on just about every issue. Basically, things turned into a partisan "Anyone But Harper" rally... with keynote speakers being none other than former MP's Karen Redman and Andrew Telegdi, of course!!! You'd almost think they were running for their old jobs again... oh wait, THEY ARE!!! Leave it to a Liberal to turn a "non-partisan" rally into a "VOTE FOR ME!!!" pitch. These two never miss an opportunity to get their faces in the media, they're lobbying HARD to get back into Parliament... so of COURSE they're going to jump on the chance to publicly bash the Government! They got their troops well organized for this event, it was interesting to be a "fly on the wall" and watch their interactions with the "grassroots" at the rally. Let's just say there were a LARGE number of card carrying members there.

Then we have the NDP... we had the "official" NDP signs in the crowd, and of course, we had the unions...
Here's your local NDP EDA showing up, banner in hand.

Get'em while they're young... what was it Comrade Lennin said about that? Oh yea, "Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever."

The good old UFCW, showed up of course.

And the Postal Workers... all loud and proud lefty-union types. I'm thinking they never were Harper fans in the first place...

The CAW and CUPE also showed up over at the Guelph rally, since we're talking about union involvement. The rally there was fairly small, and all the regulars from in town you'd expect to see were there... but I'd say there was no more than 120 there, which is pretty small considering the massive Liberal, NDP and Green base that you have in that lefty town.

Of course, there was one minor incident in KW where someone was trying to shout down one of the speakers, for something clearly inaccurate that they'd said about Trudeau... the speaker had said something about Trudeau having "respect for Parliament", what a LAUGH that was!!! Anyway, the organizers had him SHUT DOWN PRONTO, a couple of them went up to him right away and tried to get things diffused quickly. Cause you know, when you're at a "Rally for Democracy", you wouldn't want things to go off the pre-approved script or anything. Wanted to get a photo of the situation and some more info, but the gentleman didn't want that, so I'm respecting his wishes.

The organizers had also invited an independent candidate to give a few remarks... remember what I said about a "vener" of non-partisanship? Well his little talk, although intended to make things look non-partisan, actually blew the lid off that little sham. He's standing there making so very accurate remarks about the state of our democracy, taking to task not only the current Harper government, but also PREVIOUS Liberal governments... he took Trudeau to task once or twice as well. Anyway, the best way to describe the crowds reaction to him was... well, subdued. Polite applause here and there when he said something they really couldn't object to, and of course loud applause and cheering when he took a shot at Mr. Harper... but the rest of the time, when he was discussing some of the real issues related to our Parliamentary system, well... you could hear crickets. Guess he didn't know he was supposed to stick to the "All anti-Harper, All the Time" script. While I didn't agree with a lot of things he said, he was BY FAR the most honest and genuine of all the speakers there today. But by being genuinely "non-partisan", he helped expose the partisans for who they really were, and shredded any semblance of credibility the organizers of today's event had. And for that, I tip my hat to you sir! If anyone can get me his name, I'd appreciate it.

On top of the local parties and union support, you have the two Universities, Waterloo and Laurier, just a couple blocks up the road. Kinda makes it easy to boost your numbers when they're around. Overall I'd say there were about 300 some odd people there, but considering that they had weeks to get the word out, the combined resources of three political parties (Liberals, NDP, Greens) from three cities good sized cities (Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, all 120,000+ EACH), along with the support of at least two unions, plus the student body of two major universities just blocks away, with GORGEOUS sunny weather at +1 degrees, I'd have to say that turnout wasn't all that good.

Compare today's rally with last year's anti-Coalition rally in KW... in a matter of days, they managed to pull out well over 120 people in -20 degree weather!!! Comparing apples to apples, today's rally was pretty much A FLOP.

So there you have it, that was my "non-partisan" take on the KW "Rally for Democracy". Hey, if those Libs, Greenies and Dippers can claim that they were being "non-partisan" today, why can't I?

Of course, I stand by my statement from the other week... it was a big mistake for the Liberals to fan the flames of this one. When they support our Throne Speech and Budget in March, a good number of the folks who attended today's rally are going to find a new scapegoat for their anger.

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Happy Anniversary PM SH!!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today is an historic day, as we celebrate Harper's FOURTH Anniversary of his 2006 election win.

I'd like to stop for a brief moment today and THANK Mr. Harper and the Conservative government for all their hard work on behalf of ALL Canadians, and not just the privileged Liberal connected few. I know for certain that we're all better off with Harper.

So here's my toast for the day... FOUR MORE YEARS!!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

What does one do after helping to bankrupt a radio station?

Why not help to bankrupt an entire nation? Air America, the radio station that now US Senator Al Franken helped to found, has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy... which means immediate liquidation of all assets.

Rumour is that he's taken the lessons learned from his stint there to the US Senate, seeking to apply them to Obama's Healthcare reform package...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Credit where credit is due

I'm no fan of Iffy, but I have to admit that this is the most intelligent thing I've heard him say so far as Leader of the Liberal Party.
OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday the federal Liberals need to stop thinking of themselves as the "natural" governing party and earn back the trust of Canadians.
Fortunately, most Liberals haven't clued into this lesson yet... because when they finally do, it will be the mark REAL BEGINNING of their rebuilding process.

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Sing it with me, fellow Conservatives!

"Happy Anniversary to you,

Happy Anniversary to you!

Happy Anniversary, President Obama...

Happy Anniversary to YOOOOOOOOOOU!!!"

Just in case you missed it, today was the 1st Anniversary of President Obama's Presidency.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Democrats forced to pay for "supporters" to attend events

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose... Democrats get BUSTED on this one. Their campaign is going so badly that they've resorting to PAYING union members $50 each to show up at rallies, posing as Martha Coakley "supporters".

Check the video for yourself... here's the rough transcript:

Coakley "supporter" 1:"They [the union] MADE us come down here."
Brown supporter 1: "Are you serious?"
Coakley "supporter" 1:"Yup."
Brown supporter 1: "Why don't you take of that shirt and come over here."
Brown supporter 2: "Yea, if they want their fifty bucks they have to do what they're told."
Coakley "supporter" 1 & 2: [nodding head] "EXACTLY"
Brown supporter 1: "You're getting PAID to be here?"
Brown supporter 2: "Of course he is."
Brown supporter 1: "Are you serious?"
Coakley "supporter" 2: [nods head, holds finger to lips] "SHHHHHH"
Brown supporter 3: "How corrupt is this..."
Coakley "supporter" 2: "I can [undetermined] for Brown."
Brown supporter 2: "You're voting for Brown?!?"
Coakley "supporter" 2:"Yea. [high five] Don't tell anyone."
Brown supporter 2: "I won't tell anybody."

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"In and Out" - Verdict is IN, EC charges are OUT

It's Liberal smackdown time once again folks... we, being the Conservative Party of Canada, just won the first of the "In and Out" cases before the courts.

To all the Liberals who tried to make a fuss over this... TOLD YOU SO.

UPDATE: Here's the key section of the Court's findings:
[202] Thus, having considered the totality of the evidence on record, the Court is not satisfied that the suspicions entertained by the respondent [the Chief Electoral Officer] support the impugned decisions or constitute reasonable grounds to suspend indefinitely the issuance of new certificates under section 465 of the Act. As further elaborated below, the applicants have clearly demonstrated to the Court that they have a clear right to be reimbursed because the evidence on record shows that the claimed advertising expenses qualify as “election expenses” under section 407 of the Act.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama mirroring Jimmy Carter's numbers?

Now this is an interesting trend line, especially since I predicted he'd end up being "Jimmy Carter the Second"... guess who's Presidential Approval Rating Obama's most closely resembles, from Harry Truman to today? That's right... it looks a whole lot like Jimmy Carter's... except without the upticks.

But don't take my word for it... take a look for yourself. Also interesting is the fact that he's actually polling 8% LOWER than Carter did at the same time in his Presidency, with almost 20% HIGHER disapproval numbers. All the more interesting with the Special Election taking place for Teddy Kennedy's seat tomorrow.

Here's an interesting piece of trivia for all you electoral buffs out there... anyone care to guess what happened during the first Senate Special Election during Carter's Presidency? That's right... the incumbent Democrats lost a Senate seat they'd held for almost 20 years.

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Scott Brown draws bigger crowd than OBAMA?!?!

You know the Democrats are at SERIOUS risk of losing Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat when Obama only drew 1,500 people to a rally in Boston... while Republican candidate Scott Brown DREW MORE THAN DOUBLE THAT NUMBER, somewhere over 3,000 supporters.

It's interesting to see how the media headlines the articles...
Reuters: "Obama scrambles to save Democratic Senate seat"
Boston Herald: "Thousands turn out for Brown in Worcester"

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CONGRATS to OPCYA President-Elect Beth!

I'm still looking for the full list, but I'm getting word the Beth Corbett of "Team Beth" has been successful in her campaign for OPCYA President. The OPCYA will be in GREAT hands as they prepare for the 2011 Ontario election.

If you have any info on the other results, please leave in the comments! (I'm not there, but news is slowly trickling out)

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Policy debates in the OPCYA Suites

It's really interesting to listen to the various discussions going on in the suites at any of these conventions. Deep, engaged, and not the monotone group-think the Liberals would have you think they are.

It's good to see amongst the minds that will very likely form the core of the Queen's Park staffers come November 2011...

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It's crazy Iggy stalker boy!

Look who I found at the OPCYA Convention!

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Blogging at the OPCYA Convention

Good evening BT readers, your faithful (PUN!) CC is here at the OPCYA General Meeting, standing in the main hall where things are ready to launch shortly. The campaign teams have plastered their posters, the buttons are appearing on shirts and blazers, and folks are beginning their sales pitches.

Just got the "Starting soon" call, stay tuned!

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OPCYA Convention - GO TEAM BETH!!!

Making my last pitch before heading down for the OPCYA General Meeting this weekend... if you're a delegate and are reading this, VOTE FOR TEAM BETH!!!

They're very well organized, and have the drive and determination to win. In fact, if their list of supporters is any indicator, Team Beth has will do a fantastic job. They have ringing endoresements from LOADS of high profile people, MPP's, MP's, Cabinet Ministers, riding Presidents, and other notables.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Humour: Your political stunt of the day

So some crazy kids I know crashed Iffy's speech at the U of T today. I'm told that this one kid, a dual US/Canadian citizen, shakes Iggy's hand as he's walking up to the stage, looks him right in the eye and says to him, "I'm so proud to meet a fellow American."

Iggy snarled back, "I'm a Canadian!"... and then proceeded to shake the hand of the girl next to the guy, who was holding a poster that said "I'm American, Russian, Canadian? - Iggy" (see pic below)

(you gotta love that "Couldn't Beat Dion = FAIL!" sign!)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Haiti NOW by donating to MAF

For those who want to provide some IMMEDIATE assistance to the people of Haiti, I have an opportunity for you.

There's Canadian missions organization that a friend of mine works for, Mission Aviation Fellowship. They currently has several planes and pilots permanently stationed in Haiti, and have an already established network for getting supplies and medical assistance to less accessible areas of the country. With roads likely blocked and broken, air transport is going to be a PRIORITY over the next several days to get food, water and medical supplies to those who need them. I spoke to their office this morning, and their current priorities are to 1) help re-establish reliable communications within the country to co-ordinate relief efforts, 2) ensure their planes are fully operational, and 3) map out the strategy to get aid out the door ASAP.

If you REALLY want to help RIGHT NOW, donating to MAF is perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to do so.

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Our prayers are with Haiti today

I have a friend who has been doing missions work down there, and I have word that she and her husband are alright. But there are so many, too many, who are getting bad news right now about friends and loved ones. Here's hoping that the Canadian DART can be successfully deployed ASAP.

I'm also thrilled to see that Michael Ignatieff has already announced his intention to support the Government in rendering assistance to Haiti. Good on him, and his quick response deserves credit.

Of course, I really hope I'm wrong, but I'm still betting that some nut job out there will try and link this with the whole prorogue issue. Of course the Government keeps functioning even when the House isn't sitting, and my hope is that all MP's will stand by the Government if and when they decide to deploy them. This is a day to stand together, and not try scoring political points.

"When your neighbour's house is on fire, you don't haggle on the price of the hose." - West Wing President Jed Bartlett (perhaps quoting someone else...)

UPDATE: [sigh] Looks like I spoke too soon... from the "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" Facebook group:
Revan R. K. MacQueen - "Be careful, my friends. Harper will use Haiti to his political advantage. He has no scruples about power and using the millions of suffering in Haiti is right in character with his machiavellian plans."
Merilyn J Quesnel likes this.

UPDATE II: A Canadian missions organization that I'm loosely affiliated with, Mission Aviation Fellowship, currently has several planes and pilots stationed in Haiti. If you want to help, donating to them is a quick way to do so. They're already on the ground with a permanent staff, already organizing relief flights and various other means of assistance.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Team Beth, OPCYA Campaign - We get Press Releases!

As the campaign for the OPCYA draws to a close, it looks like the campaigns are putting out their final appeals to delegates before the Convention. Got this Press Release from the folks at "Team Beth" over the weekend, and thought I'd pass it on to all my OPCYA delegate readers. My two cents are included after the release.
From: Beth Corbett
Date: Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:29 PM
Subject: Team Beth’s Actions Speak Louder than Words


Saturday, January 9, 2010 - Team Beth’s Actions Speak Louder than Words

Team Beth says that “Actions Speak Louder than Words” and they have the accomplishments to prove it. With the campaign to replace the current OPCYA executive drawing to a close, Team Beth is confident about their chances after securing almost 280 delegates, representing 70% of the total elected and appointed.

“We have proven that we are the only Team who has what it takes to revitalize the PC Youth movement in Ontario to be a part of a Tim Hudak victory in 2011. We have proven that we will reach out and we have proven that we will be there for the Party and that we will be there for our membership,” says Beth Corbett, Candidate for OPCYA President

Team Beth was instrumental in the founding of eight (8) brand new PC Youth Associations in four (4) different Districts across Ontario. Team Beth also had delegates appointed from over thirty (30) ridings across Ontario that do not currently have PC Youth Associations.  These included delegates appointed from ridings in ALL nine (9) of the PC Party’s Regional Districts.

"I've had the great pleasure of travelling the province, attending DSMs, town halls, campus pub nights and other PC Party events," said Beth. "Travelling to Ottawa and Kingston, all over the GTA, and heading through Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara, Welland, London, and all the way down to Windsor, I've met hundreds of PC youth that are ready to get organized and help Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party win the next election."

Team Beth has proven that they will be there when the PC Party needs them most. Beth and Kevin Wiener, Candidate for Membership Secretary, were extremely active on the Sue-Ann Levy by-election campaign in St. Paul’s. They were joined on the campaign trail by Grant Dingwall, Chris Chapin, Ed Woolley, Rayan Chattopadhyay,
and Nick Young.

When the Leader’s Office needed volunteers at Queen’s Park to do data entry in November, Team Beth was there. Beth organized a number of youth volunteers to help out on short notice. Beth also organized youth to support Lisa MacLeod and the PC Party during the HST hearings in December.

“It has always been about results for us. Words can only go so far if you don’t back them up with actions. Team Beth has proven that, when the rubber hits the road, we've shown that we can and will deliver,” says Grant Dingwall, Candidate for 1st VP.

For more information please visit our website or go to our Facebook group.

Beth Corbett
Candidate for President, Ontario PC Youth Association
I've been following the OPCYA campaign from a distance, as I'm now officially too old to vote in this race. (to quote Maxwell Smart... "Missed it by THAT much.") That being said, from my observation post, Team Beth has run a stellar campaign, and would most certainly get my vote, were I able to vote.

From Press Releases, Social Media strategy, online presence, and just showing up and getting their hands dirty when there was work to be done, Team Beth did it all. Just take a look at the Press Release above... it's an excellent summary of the things I actually saw them doing throughout the campaign. Like the headline says, "Actions Speak Louder than Words". True enough... and very true in the case of these guys.

We need strong and solid leadership right now, and Team Beth is a solid bet for continuing to rebuild in preparation for the 2011 Ontario election. If you're a delegate and haven't made your decision yet, I urge you to contact the folks at Team Beth and seal the deal. With them leading the way in the OPCYA, I think we're going to be in good hands.

Hope to see you at the Convention!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lost in the shuffle, Harper's SUCCESS in human rights

This sorta scuttles the Liberals argument that the Harper government just doesn't care about human rights... buried way in the back pages of the news, the Canadian government has quietly but successfully persuaded the Saudi government NOT to execute a Canadian citizen, and has ordered a new trial.

Look for the Liberals to tout this accomplishment... well, NEVER, since it doesn't advance their agenda to win back power.

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New Liberal Ad: Most Negative in Canadian history?

The new Liberal ad compares Stephen Harper with Third World tin-pot dictators, all because he Prorogued Parliament to reset the Parliamentary agenda. It is perhaps the most negative of any political attack ad in Canadian history.

Compare several well known examples... which one's the worst?

The Liberals 2010 "Harper is a Dictator" ad:

The Tories 2008 "Dion is Not a Leader" series:

The Liberals 2006 "Soldiers with Guns" ad:

The Tories "Chretien Face Ad" (CBC report with clips from ad included):

Discuss... you decide, which one takes the cake for "Most Negative Canadian Political Ad"? And while we're on the topic, have you noticed that just about every Liberal ad I can recall tries to make Canadians "afraid" of Stephen Harper?

Well, almost every Liberal ad, looks like Michael finally found his way out of Narnia... but it looks like it took him through the depths of darkness in the White Witches castle first.

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Did Iffy just point a loaded gun at his own head?

Wow... the Liberals have launched what could be the most negative attack ad in Canadian history, trying to liken Prime Minister Harper with the likes of Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, and just about every other murderous tin-pot world dictator. Talk about going straight for the gutter. An absolutely DISGUSTING shot from the so-called "Cosmopolitan Professor".

View it for yourself, straight from the Liberal Party's website:

Moving beyond this vile attack for a moment, however, we see something rather shocking. Liberal Leader Michael "Iffy" Ignatieff has just pointed a loaded gun at his own head with this ad. By leveling such accusations as this, comparing our Right Honourable Prime Minister to a Third World dictator... well, how on earth is he going to climb down and support the Government's Throne Speech in March?

Simple... HE CAN'T. It's official, the Liberals have decided to roll the dice, hoping to capitalize on the supposed "outcry" over the Prorogue, and will be forcing an election over the Throne Speech or the Budget in March.

Hold on to your hats folks... HERE WE GO.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Iffy's getting worried about the Prorogue

The whole "backlash" against the Prime Minister for Proroguing Parliament must be going beyond the wildest dreams of the Liberals... and I don't mean good dreams. I mean wildest nightmares.

Do you see how furiously Iffy is backpeddling already? The natural reaction of an Opposition Party, at least you'd think, would be to capitalize on what the media is spinning as a potential major blunder by the PM. But check this from the CBC on Friday...
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff called the decision by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament and muzzle the opposition "a crazy way to run a democracy," but he stopped short Friday of threatening to bring down the government.
You catch that? He's ALREADY trying to lower expectations. He's ALREADY trying to lower the heat on this issue, while trying to at least get one or two shots in on the PM. But when it comes to actually pulling the trigger, A FULL THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE NEXT THRONE SPEECH, he's already putting the word out that he's NOT going to pull the trigger.

If you're a Liberal, or just someone who's opposed to Harper 24/7, you might be asking yourself "Why is he not all over Harper on this?" Well, just taking a good look at the level of heat in the anti-prorogue Facebook group might give you a hint as to why. There are a whole lot of folks who are hot under the collar about this issue, and it's going to take a whole lot of effort on the part of the Liberals to ensure they don't end up on the receiving end of that hatred when this is all said and done in early March.

Go ahead and take a look at the commentary in that group... I dare you. Amongst the typical left-wing drivol you'll find in every anti-Conservative group, you'll see one thing repeated over and over again... calls for Mr. Harper to be removed from the PMO.

Now, I'll say again what I said earlier this week... what exactly is going to happen when Iffy let's all these folks down and allows Mr. Harper to remain the Prime Minister? EXACTLY... all of a sudden, the anger swings from Mr. Harper, to the man who's actions are allowing Mr. Harper to remain in power.

Which is precisely why he's ALREADY trying to walk the fine line of gaining some points over this, but not aligning himself to closely with it, lest he get tagged with the backlash when he does diddly-squat after the Throne Speech in March. And you can bet you know who will be doing everything he can to capitalize on that redirected anger... that's right, good old Jack Layton, who's right now quietly sitting in the corner, just enjoying the show, and biding his time until the moment is right. I'm betting at LEAST a 2% jump in the polls for the NDP once this is all said and done, with a corresponding 2% drop for Iffy's Liberals. Maybe even 3%, all depending on how well Jack plays his cards.

Go ahead, quote me on this when the polls come out around March 10th. I've never been a betting man, this one's a sure enough thing that I might be willing to make an exception! A 2%-3% drop for the Libs when they vote Confidence in Mr. Harper's government, with a corresponding uptick for the NDP. That's my guess come March 10th-ish.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

That EKOS Poll on Proroguing

You gotta love how much the media and the Opposition is jumping all over the most recent EKOS poll, asking specifically about the Prorogue. They're saying "Canadians are outraged".

Really? That's not how I read the data... take a look for yourself at this KEY section of the poll:

Now, let's delve down into the nuts and bolts, shall we?

First of all, it's a pretty good split in terms of Party lines... with just 14% of identified CPC supporters saying they strongly oppose the move (37 people in all), and 17% (or 45 people) saying they somewhat oppose it. Now, my gut is that a solid 80-90% of these folks are going to come back to the fold come election time, so that's not a HUGE issue to me. However, take a CLOSER look at the other parties numbers... in the STRONGLY SUPPORT category? LPC 4% of 205, NDP 7% of 83, Green 3.5% of 74, BQ 5% of 48. And the SOMEWHAT SUPPORT numbers? Average of 12% of each of the other Parties. COME AGAIN? Liberals and NDP, and even Bloc supporters, SUPPORTING the Prorogue? In fact, the STRONGLY OPPOSED segment in all three major Coalition partners only averages around 60%.

Translation? Partisan tempest in a teapot.

The only number that's any cause of concern WHATSOEVER is the 40% STRONGLY OPPOSED amongst UNDECIDEDS. However, with that block only totaling 77 respondents, and 26% of them providing no answer at all, that 40% translates into only 31 people. The 24.2% UNDECIDED who only SOMEWHAT OPPOSE? That means it's not a ballot box issue for them, and they're still easily winnable with a good Budget and solid platform.

All in all, I'd say this poll is telling the PM that he made a good move. The public "backlash" that the media is touting just isn't there, though we'll have to see how things pan out over the next few weeks. And if the rumours I hear are true, and we're going to have 5 new Senators named tomorrow, then this issue gets pushed even further on to the back burner.

So here's the transcript of this whole affair, in terms of what Harper just told Iggy... CHECK, YOUR MOVE.

Of course, there's one more thing that's been rattling around in the back of my mind with these numbers... those 33 of 205 Liberals who said they were STRONGLY or SOMEWHAT SUPPORT the Prorogue of Parliament? You've got to wonder how many of those people are Rae supporters...

Just a note, may not be available to post comments tonight, so don't go crying "censorship!" and all, okay Libs?

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Liberals step in it again! Oh the irony!

Gotta love this blunder... seems the Liberals have launched yet another backfiring "contest" on their website. Remember the last one, the photo challenge? Yea, that one went REAL well.

Anyway, this new one is the Stephen Harper 'Just Vacationing' Out-of-Office Reply Challenge.

Now, for the irony part...

Where exactly is Stephen Harper right now? According to Stephen Taylor, he's at work, IN OTTAWA.

And where might Michael Ignatieff be? ON VACTION, "JUST VISITING" EUROPE!!!

Another contest, and another FAIL from the Liberal Party of Canada!

UPDATE: Taylor caught that too, update is on his post.

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Why Iggy must tread carefully on Prorogue issue

Been thinking about this whole tempest in a teapot from the anti-prorogue folks, and how it has the potential to backfire HUGE on Iffy's Liberals. Just stop for a moment, and think it all through logically... either way he plays it, Iffy's screwed.

If Iggy tries to fan the flames of discontent to capitalize on the supposed "anger" out there, then what's going to happen when he backs down in the Spring and votes in FAVOUR of our Throne Speech and Budget? All of a sudden, all that anger is going to swing from Harper to Iggy... and you know that Jumpin Jack's going to make sure Iggy wears the blame for propping up the Tories.

Option Two, which seems to be the course being taken so far by the Liberals, is that Iggy's gonna try and keep his head down on this one. But that's another failing strategy, as some folks are ALREADY starting to ask, "Where's Iggy on this issue? Why isn't HE speaking out? We hear some of his MP's saying things, what about Iggy?" Then once again, when his Liberals back down and vote confidence, WHAMO... Jack beats them over the head with it yet again.

Either way, Iffy gets screwed on this issue, no matter which option he takes. Furthermore, NDP Leader Jack Layton can jump on the bandwagon, look like the hero in the eyes of disaffected Liberals who are angry with Iffy for supporting Harper, and further grows his tent.

Iffy, LOSE-LOSE. Jack, WIN-WIN. Harper... BIGGER WIN-WIN, as he either remains PM, or gets a Spring election, one where Iffy's already taken a severe body blow.

So I must say I'm somewhat amused to see various Libloggers signing on to the anti-proroguation rallies, like YappaDingDing, The Progressive Right, PoliticsCanada, Scott Tribe, former Liberal candidate and CAITI blogger Brent Fullard, Impolitical, Liberal PC(O) candidate for VP of Organization and blogger James Morton, and rival Liberal PC(O) candidate for VP of Organization and blogger James Curran, all jumping on the bandwagon. I suppose it's going to make the climbdown all that more entertaining, when these guys blow their collective stacks at Iffy for supporting the Harper Government.

UPDATE: Paul Wells nails it today in his post... his message to the Opposition? Go Big, or GO HOME!

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Here we go again with the Harper assasination theme

Just what is it with these guys? Once again, some sickos on the left are taking pleasure in envisioning the assasination of our Right Honourable Prime Minister.

This time, it's amongst the "official" anti-prorouge groups on Facebook... the same guys who are planning the rallies on January 23rd.

Then of course there's this one, comparing Harper to Hitler... they just don't know when to stop, do they?