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Monday, March 17, 2008

Dion's hand picked candidate gets trounced

Looks like more trouble in Liberalville... another one of Mr. Dion's hand picked candidates has been rejected by the voters.  This time, it's by a whopping 16% margin, 47.7% vs. 31.5%.  (as of 11:53pm)

Of course, Rae and Findlay both won handily... things were a bit tighter in Vancouver, however.

One thing of note though... Dion, in celebrating with Rae tonight, went and stuck his foot in his mouth with this quote...

Dion, who posed arm-in-arm with Rae in Toronto soon after the results were announced, called Rae "an architect of the Canada of tomorrow" and said Monday was a great day for the Liberals.

Ooooh... not a good thing to say.  Are you serious?  Mr. Bob Rae, "an architect of the Canada of tomorrow"???  Mr. Dion, are you REALLY sure you want to conjure up images in the minds of the average Ontario voter of the LAST time we put our futures into Mr. Rae's hands?


  • At Tue Mar 18, 05:14:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Livingsword said…

    The Liberals in Vancouver had the “right wing extremist” shrill cranked to maximum and it worked, also many find the imagery with many of the mail outs of Harper looking large and like Mr. Rodgers contrasted with Dion looking tiny and tepid to be “to American”. Income trusts of course are also a big issue in that riding. That being said it was very close when you consider prior elections.

    They may be able to win seats around the country would it also be possible for them to actually have a leader from someplace other then that eastern region?


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