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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sparks to fly tonight!

Check this article out by Sheila Copps. It looks like there's going to be some sparks at the "nomination" meeting of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore electoral district association.

Wouldn't a civil war be great right about now?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SSM - The Campaign Begins

Here we go. "Stephen Harper would Roll Back Charter Rights" shouts the Liberal main webpage.

I really hope this is a hail Mary pass that removes the "Hidden Agenda" card. Of course, I support this idea, however, I don't know if it was the right foot to start on.

The MSM treated it fairly lightly today. Let's see if the Liberals can make it an issue, or if Mr. Harper did the right thing and got it out of the way right off the bat.

More on Liberal Insider Trading

The National Post is wading into the debate. It is now starting to appear more likely that there was infact some insider trading going on.

As another blogger indicated, Martha Stewart went to jail for the same thing. Will anyone be going to jail over this?

Monday, November 28, 2005

WOW... The World is Watching!

"Kickback scandal brings down Canadian government"

Check out the headline on CNN!
Martin's center-left Liberal Party had been dogged by a corruption scandal. It will now face voters in an expected January election that could end 12 years of Liberal rule in America's largest trading partner -- after a campaign over the Christmas holidays that the prime minister argues most Canadians don't want.

The opposition Conservatives, the leftist New Democrats and the separatist Bloc Quebecois joined forces to bring down Martin's government, which had lost its majority in an election last year. Monday's final vote was 171-133.

Here's the scoop from Fox News, and then overseas from the BBC.

The House has Fallen

The election starts tomorrow.


For Whom the Bell Tolls

The bells are ringing on the Hill... the 15 minute call for the vote...

Man... it's like waiting for Christmas...

Sitting in front of the tube, tuned onto Global, with the live feeds on my laptop from the House of Commons. Get ready, sit back and watch the show.

I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for Martin's response to the vote...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Insider Liberal Trading?

Oh my goodness. From CBC too. I've got a song running through my head right now...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

The NDP, Conservatives, and a few financial analysts are indicating that they think there may have been some insider trading going on with Ralph Goodale's announcement on Income Trusts.

If proven true, I've got a pack of nails and a hammer right here for the local Liberal supporters... start building your coffin now.

On the Eve of the Big Game

Most guys have their sports teams. They follow them all year long and hope for that golden moment when they win it all in the playoffs.

So I'm not a sports guy. I have the physique of an accountant... though I'm not good with numbers. (my apologies to any fit financial people reading this) I've never played organized sports, and I don't follow any teams regularly.

BUT... I'm a political junkie. I know it. Yes, the West Wing is one of my favorite shows. Yes, I watch the feeds live from the House of Commons when something big is going on... and I'll be watching on Monday night, rest assured.

And my team is about to go into the playoffs. This is where we play for keeps. This time around, both teams are playing for a minority. The stakes are high. The Leader of the losing team will be voted off their respective island. The state of our national unity will be in play... a Liberal win will jeapordize our union, as I stated in August. Our economy is at stake, and I think it will stall if the Liberals win again.

Get your jerseys on, lace up, and keep your stick on the ice... here we go...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ignatieff Running in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Michael Ignatieff is running this time around, as reported in the Toronto Star.

Anyone know who our guy/gal in there is? Any chance we can kick his butt?

"Lies, smears and falsehoods?"

Scott Reid, what rock have you been living under? He calls Mr. Harper's "organized crime" comments "Lies, smears, and falsehoods", and that his comments in the House went too far. I don't think Mr. Harper's comments went to far at all. I'll admit, when I first heard it (I was watching live) I wondered what he was talking about... but then, based on the RCMP definition of a "criminal organization", it looks like the shoe fits! Now, the Federal Liberals don't want to wear it, but that's their problem.

This whole thing reminded of the "Open Mic" episode of the West Wing. (CTV, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!) The President was doing a series of remote interviews by camera. After each news station got their turn, the news anchors, while off air, would try to get him to comment on something or other. After the last interview, President Bartlet was asked to comment on a challenger, and used a gun metaphor to describe his opponent. (it was something like "He's like a BB gun trying to compete in a 57 Magnum world") His staff noticed at the last second that the line was still live. The episode then takes us through the world of spin, as the White House goes into damage control mode. At the end of the episode, the President's communications chief asked him, "Mr. President, we've managed to dodge this bullet, but because of it, the entire country is now questioning the capability of your opponent." Then, with a sly smile, she asks, "Is it just possible that you knew that your mic was still live?" The President does not reply, but there is a distinct gleam in his eye. CJ, the Communications Chief, smiles and says to him, "That was old school sir."

Yes indeed, Mr. Harper, that was old school. Yes, the Liberals are trying the lawyer route, but if Mr. Harper holds his ground and enough people start talking about what defines a "criminal organization", then this could end up being an old school shot that starts the Conservatives out on good footing.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

CBA 2005 - I got nominated?!?!?

Wow... whoever you are out there, thanks! Someone nominated me for the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards in the catagory for "Best New Blog".

Now, I'm up against three or so dozen other blogs, many of them better than mine (Blue Blogging Soapbox and Canukistan) and I fully expect to be turfed after the first round... but thanks for the nod, whoever you are!

But hey... if you think this thing is half decent, would you consider voting?

You just can't make stuff like this up

Sometimes, truth can be funnier than fiction. Thanks to Don Martin at the National Post for pointing this out. I just had to visit to get a screen capture for myself... make sure you note the URL...

Watched it Live

I'm off work sick today, but it has its advantages... I got to watch live as Mr. Harper delivered his speech to the House, and as he moved his motion of Non-Confidence.

It was a stinging inditement. I sure hope the media uses excerpts from it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

King Ralph

Mr. Klein, of all the provinces, I'd love to live in yours most. Yours, or Lord's, as I did last summer. But in the meantime, with an upcoming federal election, could you do us all a favour? Would you please SHUT UP?!

THE Motion is on the Order Paper

CTV is reporting that the Conservatives have moved their motion to be presented in the House tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another online quiz

One of these online "where do you fit in" quizes... this time, it's which starship crew you'd fit into.

"You scored as Millennium Falcon (from Star Wars).

The world around you is at war. Fortunately you know how to handle that with the greatest of ease. You are one of the best at what you do and no one needs to tell you that. Now if only the droids could be quiet for five seconds."

Here's the quiz.

Funny, I actually agree with the findings.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Endgame

What was the count? 167 vs. 129? Majority rules, right? Not in a democraticly deficient House of Commons it doesn't. The MSM is reporting on this... will it hold for tomorrow morning's news cycle? Will the Liberals be able to spin this? Or will they be exposed for rejecting a compromise option to avoid a Christmas election?

Stay tuned. But, in the mean time, the endgame has begun...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

How about this for a platform?

"With our present state of affairs, this election will most likely end up in another minority Parliament situation. So the real question to ask yourself is this... do you trust the Liberal Party of Canada? From what I'm hearing from Canadians, the answer is "No". However, many Canadians continue to believe the Liberals when they tell you that can't trust the alternative, our Conservative Party. Well, here, today, I give you our commitment that we will work for you in Ottawa, to build a trustworthy government that you can trust... and here's how...

Most minority governments last only 18 months... therefore, I'm asking you to give our Conservative Party two years. Just two years, to change the way this government works, to change this deeply entrenched "culture of entitlement" that runs rampant within Ottawa, to give to you a government that works. One that will remove the cynicism and contempt that Canadians have in their Federal government, and will lay the foundation for a truly prosperous nation, where no one, NO ONE, is left behind.

Our agenda is open and available for all to view... we have a plan, and we're ready to implement it. A plan that will root out the corruption, that will lay a solid foundation to restart our struggling economy, resulting in job creation, and that will deliver the services Canadians need most, starting with reduced wait times in our healthcare system.

We're ready. And we're asking Canadians to give us the opportunity to see what this new Conservative Party can do for Canada. We're asking Canadians to replace fear with hope and vision. And yes, you will recognize Canada at the end of those two years... it will be what you've always believed Canada should be... a world leader, the number one country in which to live, the true, north, strong and free."

There my idea for a basic speech outline for the upcoming campaign.

My "scary" Christian post

Hey Lord Kitchener... THIS is what I'm talking about, and what I'm wanting to try and diffuse with my "scary" post the other day.

Naomi Heller, 40, jumps in: "Look, Martin's kind of creepy, too, but Harper, he's like those Christian nuts who always vote for Bush. He's got a secret agenda. He'd probably try to bring back the death penalty and ban abortion. Stuff like that. And with Harper, you'll never see him taking shots at the Americans like Martin does. He'd want us to be in bed with them."

Do you have any better ideas?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Napolean Dynamite's School of Politics

With the recent "Econimic Update/Mini-Budget/Election Platform" that the Liberals just presented, I just had to repost this;

Did you realize that the Liberal Party's playbook was revealed in a recent movie? Their cover has been completely blown. The Right Hon. Paul Martin was given this advice by the young campaign strategist Mr. Dynamite himself, and he has been following it ever since...

"Tell them that if they vote for you, all their wildest dreams will come true."

And Ontario keeps taking the bait... hook, line, and sinker. With 106 seats alone, along with a few here and there, it's all you need to stay in power. And if they see that you have nothing with which to back up that promise... they'll forgive you, and vote for you again. So long as you once again promise them that their wildest dreams will come true...

NOTE: Reposted from my August posting now that my RSS is working.


Brrr, it's cold out there. Just got in from canvasing in Guelph. Like Garth Turner's been saying for months, it works. I'm in a more left leaning riding, and we got a lot of "undecided" people, a few supporters, and NDPer, but no avowed Liberals.

Is the tide turning?

The Christian Takeover... not

As my name implies, I'm a "Christian Conservative". I'm the one that the media seems to be afraid will "take over the country" if the Conservatives win the next election.

Well, I do believe many things that go against the "mainstream" in Canada, and even against the mainstream of my party. So to all those who think that we run the party, here's proof that we don't... my views are not held by the majority within that party.

Oh well. Most in the party don't, but I firmly believe in the old-fashioned Biblical Christian beliefs, such as Heaven and Hell, right and wrong, sin, the resurection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Rapture, and the fact that He's coming again one day to rule this earth. I was just reading about that in Hebrews 1 this morning. So you see, for me, it really doesn't matter, on a Biblical level, who's running this country... I know it's only for a limited time. However, on an earthly level, I care very much about issues affecting our nation, as I have to live here until Christ returns or takes me home to Heaven; hence, my political involvement with the Conservative Party of Canada.

Now, most people automatically assume that the "scary" Evangelical Christian Right controls the Party. Don't I wish it did; but it doesn't. But I also know that such a party would not be relevant in Canadian politics, as apparently only 12% of the population identify themselves as "Evangelical Christians". (to further stir the pot... based on those numbers, and a review of who surveys deem to be "Evangelical Christians", I'd say that less than 3% of Canadians are truly Biblical born-again Christians) Therefore, in the interest of Canadian politics, it makes no sense to have an ultra-right-wing Christian Conservative Party, now does it?

So to all those who think that the Conservative Party is "scary" because Christians are controlling it, think again. We don't have the clout within the Party to take it over like the media thinks we do. Our voice is not the loudest within it. Take the convention in Montreal... many traditional policies that the evangelical members supported were voted against, and are not part of the Conservative platform. Therefore, how can you say that we are running the show?

Anyway, back to matters that really matter, such as the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I do believe that He created the world, and that he owns it, and that he's given us time to be stewards of it... and look what we've done with it. That's one of the many reasons why I support the preservation of the enviornment... but I don't support Kyoto because it's bad for Canada. We can do a better job on our own, without having our wealth transfered to other nations because we don't meet the targets. (Kyoto = wealth redistribuion, nothing more) So, one of these days, He's coming back, will clean up this mess, and all the world will bow the knee to Him.

And I look forward to that day. But in the meantime, I will just try to make this country a better place for EVERYONE... regardless of faith or status. Sure, I'll still be trying to convert the world to Christianity, but not from within the government. Religion and politics really don't mix to well... so I say that the government should stay out of religious matters altogether. Our country supports the ideal that everyone should be free to practice their faith, and so do I.

But, alas, the Liberals like to say that you can't be involved in politics if you happen to be an evangelical Christian. You can be Catholic (our PM) or Muslim or Hindu or Atheist... but you can't be "Born Again"... they're scary! They believe scary things! They're going to try and take over this country! Don't let anyone near Ottawa if they happen to be one!

So you can relax Mr. Martin... there will (one of these days) be a full scale global takeover, but it won't be by us few evangelicals in the Conservative Party... it'll be by our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. So, while we're still here, we'd just like to have a government that we can trust, who won't overtax us, and will ensure that we have the freedom to practice our faith free from repression by our Federal government.

It just so happens that most of us Christians feel that Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada can do a better job of it than you can. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he goes to church... it's just an added bonus.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Misleading and Biased Headline

How's this for evidence of CTV bias, and an obvious attempt to tarnish our party right before the election?
"Conservative Anglicans want gay issue revisited".

Scorched Earth

Wow. Harry Swain, a former senior bureaucrat tore a strip into the Liberal government.

For him, good thing he's a "former" bureaucrat. Guess he won't be looking for an appointment to anything... or, maybe he's being really smart and setting himself up for an appointment in the next government!

NDP Alleges Sponsorship Fraud in Winnepeg

In the House five minutes ago, Pat Martin, NDP, just alleged that out of a $2 million sponsorship (for the Pan Am Games), only $600,000 went to the games. The rest was siphoned off by a Liberal-friendly ad agency.

Waiting for Hanard to be posted to confirm the details of what he said. Will be contacting Pat's office too for the details.

The Fall Begins

Mr. Layton has introduced his motion in the House to set the election for Feb. 13, 2006.

The Liberals have rejected it. Expect a non-confidence vote soon.


Wow... I never figured I'd ever be labeled a "Centrist". I always figured I'd be labeled a Right Wing-nut for the rest of my life.

I ended up being a right-leaning, midsize government Centrist. Now that I think of it, it makes sense... I'm not in favor of privatizing to many more government institutions... like Hydro for example. I don't mind the fact that we subsidize power... if we all subsidize it, the overall cost to us will be lower. I don't want private healthcare, but I'm in favour of private, more efficient, delivery of some services. (and I work in the Healthcare sector) But I do think we should consider privatizing some sectors of government service.

Case in point... my wife needed to get some government document dealt with. The office was supposed to open at 8:30am. At about 8:40am, a couple of government workers (why is it they all have this same "look" to them?) strolled in, in no obvious hurry. They went in the back door... and my wife said she could see them chatting away, taking their time getting the office open. Well, they finally opened the office by about five or ten to nine... meanwhile, the lineup was a half-dozen or so people by now.

Let's privitize their jobs. Make them go out an get a job where they have to be on time, for once. The office is in downtown Kitchener, ON, for anyone within the public service who could maybe do something about it. And no, it wasn't the Tax Office... they've been pretty efficient every time I've been in there.

And as for Social Security... I'm not in favour of allowing people to manage their own accounts. It's supposed to be there for them if their own savings fail... so what if they blow that too? Then who's going to have to pay to support them? No, that should be kept public.

But... our government is bloated... time to trim. Bring in the Accountability Act to make the government (the PMO, ministers and MP's) accountable, trim the fat in the public service, and free up the staff in the public service to do their jobs impartially without all the red tape to go through. That will boost efficiency, and we can finally get things done in Ottawa. (or Gatineau, where most of the government jobs are... but that's another issue)

There are too many handout programs. Let's get the economy rolling and create jobs for people. ENSURE THAT PROGRAMS ARE THERE FOR THOSE WHO REALLY NEED IT, but get lazy people off their butts and working. (believe me, there are lazy people bilking the system... anyone who says otherwise is clueless... and funny... most of them vote Liberal or NDP...)

Okay, enough ranting. Time to get off my butt and work... but, red tape is slowing me down right now, which is why I have time to do things like blogging. I WANT TO GET STUFF DONE, BUT I'M STUCK TWIDLING MY THUMBS UNTIL WE CAN GET THIS NEW PROJECT ROLLING!!! GRRRRRR!!!

Okay, really done ranting now... wow, I ended up way off the topic I started on...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We're a blessed country to have what we have

Just realized today, I've been inadvertantly surrounded by political events my whole life...

It all started in Grade 6. I got to take a tour of Queen's Park in Toronto. I think I was hooked even back then. We had a mock campaign that year... I was one of three candidates for Premier. It roughly worked out that I was the Conservative, another fringe candidate, and Rob... who ended up having a loosely NDP platform. It was there I learned the effectiveness of demonizing an opponent, and that an election is won and lost not by you, the candidate, but by your staff of advisors... I lost BIG TIME.

Upon reflection, it was that one line my staff inserted into my speech... I protested, but they won, and it stayed in... alienated my core constituancy, the Grade 4 boys. Even though I cried, (hey, it was Grade 6!) I was hooked.

Ran twice, unsucsessfully, for student council in High School. But, after my first loss, the teacher/advisors for the student council created a new, non-voting psudo-position, because they wanted to keep me involved. I was involved in this way with the SAC for the next three years.

While there, due to my SAC involvement, I got a chance to meet Canada's first female PM... shook her hand, then a moment later, I shook the hand of the man who would become the Liberal Premier of Quebec, though at that moment, he was the number two Tory... one of only two who would not be defeated in that election. Met and talked with Dan McTeauge a few years later, the Liberal MP from my former riding. I supported him in 1997... the Reform candidate that year reminded me of a used car salesman. Of all the Liberals in Canada, he's one of the two I respect most. (Warren Kinsella being the other... read his books... good stuff)

Wrote to my MP, Brenda Chamberlan, a few times. Her staff are good about responding. She personally responded to a note of concern I sent her about the inclusion of "sexual orientation" in the Charter of Rights. Looks like I was right... she voted against Bill C-34 this past summer, which I knew would be coming down the pipes eventually.

I didn't stop to say hello, but I ran into Mike Harris in 2004 in an airport in New Brunswick. Soon thereafter, shook the hand of Stephen Harper, and stood onstage with him during the kickoff to his 2004 campaign. Also met Kevin Newman from Global, and joined him in a roundtable discussion a few days before the vote. (Got a photo of him and I shaking hands on my desktop at home... he's a Man. U. fan... I was born there) Had a chance to run into Stephen again this summer. Also have had the chance to talk to Gary Goodyear (my parent's MP) and his staff on a number of occasions about the various goings on in the Ontario caucus.

Got a chance to walk up the Hill this summer too. Got into the House and the Senate while on tour... wow, that was incrediable. My wife and I are going to go back sometime while the House is in session to take in Question period, just for fun.

And now I'm a Blogging Tory. That almost sounds like someone screaming profanities at you... "You Blogging Tory!!!" Can't wait for the buttons to proudly wear during the next election. (Any chance of that Stephen T?) I've been lucky to get to see and touch what goes on in our Government over the years. I would love to be involved in the inner workings on the Hill. Well, maybe someday.

These are some of the reasons why it frustrates me when people don't care or get involved. We're so lucky to have what we have... so let's do something to protect it!

Anywho... this has been a complete ramble. Oh well, time for bed. We'll see what the morning news cycle brings...

Looking at the polls... it's time

That's it. It's time to pull the plug. I've just been looking at the polls, reposted on Garth's blog. No more waiting, spinning, etc. The Liberals are tanking... and the ruling party typically goes down during an election.

An effective campaign of co-operation between the three opposition parties could, in theory, effectively crush the Liberal Party of Canada for a decade... if we keep on showing Canada that we can play together in the sandbox better than the Liberals can with us. Show Canada that with strong and effective Right and Left parties, with the Bloc representing Quebec, we can keep this nation together and strenghten it. Relegate the "centre" party to the slim middle, where it belongs.

That's my foundation for rebuilding this True North Strong and Free country of ours.


What happened to today's Opposition motion?

Does anyone have any idea why there was no motion made today in the House by the Opposition? Wasn't it an Opposition Day? I can't find any info on why none were made today... if anyone could shed light on that, I'd appreciate it.

Christmas - Red and Green?

Was driving with a couple of people in the car, and it hit me... what can you compare our present state of government? Well, following our British traditions, the colour of the Senate is red, and the colour of the House of Commons is green...

Could you call it "The Red Green Show"? Even more appropriate considering we're headed into a Christmas election!

Liberal War is On?

Wow... Warren Kinsella has placed another shot across the bow of the good ship Martin! -

"So, to all federal Grits who plan to start bleating about the need for everyone to unite, pull together, fight the Stephen Harper/Jack Layton/Gilles Duceppe threat, blah blah blah, remember this: plenty of us were willing to let bygones be bygones, and offered to help out. And we never got so much as a polite 'no thanks.'

In my books, that gives us all free agent status, which we intend to deploy to the fullest extent imaginable. Or, put another way, the Martinites - the most disloyal group of 'Liberals' imaginable - shouldn't start preaching about Liberal loyalty, now, should they?"

And the media says the Conservatives are a divided party?

"Aren't all parties corrupt?"

I say that in quotes because it's not my question; I've been asked that question twice in the last few weeks.

I disagree with that pessimistic statement. I don't believe all parties are corrupt. I truly believe that there can be change; real, substantive, positive change. I believe that when the old PC and CA parties merged, most of the "Entitlement Class" went over to the Liberals... (a la Brison, Clark, Stronach) to an old school party that still did things the old school way. Not so in the Conservative Party of Canada.

We're a new party. A fresh vision. For the most part, attentive to the views of the people, the grassroot members, of whom I am one. This is a value that MUST be fiercely guarded, at almost any cost.

We're calling for an end to the shady backroom brokers. We want real people to deal with our real problems. And that's why I support Stephen Harper. He's just a regular guy. It seems that Canadians won't elect you PM unless you're a millionaire. Who can better understand our day to day problems of paying the bills, putting gas in the car and food on the table? Of saving for our kids education, like Stephen Harper has to? Or making a mortgage or a car payment? I'll bet you Stephen can better relate to that than Paul can.

So Canada, what's it going to be? Vote for a guy who's been a part of the Entitlement Class his entire life, or the guy who's been slogging it out in the trenches all his life, just like you and I are?

I know where my vote is going. And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I want to work to change the views of regular Canadians. Knocking on doors, signs, etc., I'm already signed up. That's right... getting this guy in office, to me, is worth taking time out of my day, and shelling money out of my pocket. Not just for me, but for everyone in this nation of ours.

There CAN be a difference. It's time for a change.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Good'ol Goodale Goodies

The election is off and running... Ralph Goodale just announced the what is likely the biggest series of tax cuts in Liberal, if not Canadian, history. It will work out to somewhere between $200-$400 per year for my wife and I.

You know what? I'd gladly give that up for a change in Government. Why? Because the Conservatives understand financial issues better than the Liberals... just look at Garth Turner or Monte Solberg's websites. I'm voting Garth for Finance Minister!

Why? Because under a Conservative government, the economic wheels of this country will really start to turn, providing more opportunity for all, (middle class and poor) and more opportunity for my wife and I to increase our income via higher earnings, rather than by cutting taxes yet stalling economic growth.

The Liberals need to be toppled THIS WEEK. Because every day they are in office allows them to spend our money trying to buy our votes.

Not this time. Not this time.

Lifespan of a Minority House

Hey, I just realized something. The Liberals are going to reject the Opposition's plan, and the House will fall on Nov. 24.

What's the average lifespan of a Minority Parliament in Canada? Turns out to be 18 months.

Yep, we're right about on schedule...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The decision is... we're still waiting...

The NDP, Conservatives and the Bloc have dropped the gauntlet... call an early election in early January, or else. The Liberals have one week to agree, or face a non-confidence vote Nov. 24.

Here's how I see it playing out... the Liberals will reject it outright. In response, the opposition parties could move a non-confidence motion on Thursday, which, in my opinion, they should have announced today. Put a gun to the head and not give them the chance to wiggle out of it... "Yes" or "No", then either holster the weapon or pull the trigger.

Those sneaky Liberals though... the PM could pull a fast one and declare Tuesday's vote to be a confidence motion, and pull the plug himself, and try to blame the opposition parties. We'll have to wait for the reply tomorrow.

So, again, STAY TUNED... same time, same channel...

This is how we should do it

It's real simple. The situation as to the timing of the next election can be solved this week, and it does not have to involve pulling down the House this week...

On Tuesday, the Conservatives can move a motion to recall the House on January 4, 2006, for a confidence vote. It will pass on Tuesday, and give the Liberals 24 hours to agree to honour the motion. If they don't agree within 24 hours, the Bloc can move a motion on Thursday to immediately pull down the House, forcing a Christmas election.

It will be the Liberals fault, 100%, for not working with the other parties.

That's the only way it will work. And I'll bet you Stephen Harper knows this... let's see what today's meeting brings.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sat. AM News

Hey, what's this? $566 million dollars more for Quebec in Transfer payments? How's that for timing?

Jean Lapierre says that it's not vote buying with more money, they just changed the funding formula to meet Quebec's needs better. From CTV.

Now hang on... if they changed the formula, and didn't spend any new money, doesn't that mean that the other provinces are now being shorted by $566 MILLION DOLLARS?

And here's this as well... Ottawa is to offer a sort-of appology to the Italian community for the treatment they received during WWII. Funny about the timing of this too... trying to keep the Italian community onside? (after firing Alfonso?)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Paul Wells asks a question...

Basically, with the upcoming "Economic Update" of Liberal pre-election goodies, he asks a question that every Canadian will have to ask themselves in the next election... will they sell themselves like Belinda did?

Get ready for the deepest tax cuts you ever saw. Get ready for these guys to cancel the GST and replace it with rebates. Get ready for a massive system of cabinet appointments for every breathing non-incarcerated adult Canadian.

We are all Belinda Stronach now.

Ouch. Well, are you? If so, go ahead, vote Liberal. Read it on his own site for yourself.

Mr. Paul Martin & Iraq

Warren REALLY doesn't like Paul Martin.

While Paul Martin is telling Canadians that that Mr. S. Harper (the "S" is for "scary") would have sent troops to Iraq, Warren is reminding him that he said he would too.

And that Warren's former boss, who Mr. Martin opposed and replaced, was the one who wouldn't.
A quote from the Transport Minister:

The Prime Minister's Quebec lieutenant, Transport Minister Jean Lapierre, said the Liberals are determined to carry out the promise Mr. Martin made on national television last April to call a vote within 30 days after Justice John Gomery's final report into the sponsorship scandal, which is expected on Feb. 1, 2006.

According to the Liberal plan, an election would fall on either April 3 or April 10, 2006, he said in Montreal.

"That's our agenda," he said.

April 3 or 10, 2006? That's five months later than this government deserves.

Do it now. Put forward the new Conservative motion to bring the House back for a non-confidence vote on January 4. If the Liberals say they will ignore that motion, VOTE NON-CONFIDENCE IMMEDIATELY, on Tuesday November 15.

The Liberals can't then say it's our fault... we gave them the way out, and they said no... it would be 100% their fault that the First Ministers meeting would be cancelled, and that we have to have an election over Christmas.


I remember...


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Did the calculations... YUCK

I just sat down and did the calculations on the tax credits we, the taxpayer, will be GIVING BACK to the Liberal Party for that $1.14 million dollars they are going to return to us...

If the Liberals pay it off via $5000 donations:
$1140000 / $5000 = 228 Donors

Donation $5000 = $650 Tax credit returned to the donor
(in essence, the taxpayers are paying for $650 of that donation)

$650 x 228 Donors = $148,200 Subsidy for the Liberals $1.14 million dollar repayment.

If the Liberals pay it of via $1000 donations, it gets even worse:
$1140000 / $1000 = 1140 Donors

Donation $1000 = $558 Tax credit


So, for my grand finally, I ran the numbers to figure out what it would cost US if this debt was repayed via donations of $400 or LESS. (this is the dollar figure below which earns the maximum tax credit for the donor)

The total cost to taxpayers would be, get this, $855,000. That's right, EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS; that over 3/4 of what the Liberal Party of Canada owes the people of Canada in the first place!

Of course, it will likely be a mix of donations to pay it off, therefore, the dollar value of our subsidy will be somewhere in the middle of my calculations; between $150,000 and $850,000 of your hard earned money will go towards repaying this Liberal debt.

Don't you love how our system works? YOU get to help the Liberals repay their debt to YOU!

Help me name my new "buddies"

Was at an Intel show today, and I got these three little guys. I'm thinking of naming the blue one "Steve", the yellow one "Jack" (no pun intended as to his being "yellow", I just figured it's close to the NDP colours), but I can't decide on the third one... do I name him "Gilles" or "Paul"?

Place your votes in my comments!

So let me get this straight...

I was listening to today's news conference on CFRB 1010 regarding the upcoming First Minsters meeting on Nov. 24-25. During the question session, Adam Vaughn, the political reporter at CITY TV in Toronto, asked Prime Minister Paul Martin a very interesting question, which the PM evaded and refused to answer. He asked...

"Since all political donations are partially tax refundable, and you are presently holding fundraisers to raise the $1.14 million the Liberal Party owes back to the Canadian people, AREN'T CANADIAN TAXPAYERS SUBSIDIZING 75% OF THE $1.14 MILLION THAT YOU ARE REPAYING BACK TO THE CANADIAN TAXPAYERS?"


Pass this one on to everyone! Don't let them get away with it! If we're subsidizing it, THEY'D HAVE TO DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THAT AMOUNT TO ACTUALLY RETURN THE STOLEN MONEY!!! (That is, if you even believe the $1.14 million figure in the first place...)

ps - Anyone know where I can find a transcript of this news conference?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finding Consensus

Well, this could all just be a clever manouver to get the House to fall next week.

Think about it. Jack Layton has now indicated that on Nov. 24, he and his party will bring forward their own motion to dissolve the House in January. Okay, so, now we know he's onside and he'll follow through. But the Liberals are already saying they won't recognize the motion.

Could this all have been to get the NDP onside for a Tuesday motion? The 3 Opposition leaders will meet Monday. They can get together and claim that they had the perfect solution with the NDP motion, but the Liberals are once again showing their arrogance by blowing them off. This could be exactly what they needed to get the public to agree to the need for a Christmas election... "It's the Liberals fault".

So, once again... STAY TUNED

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Jack Layton has given his commitment! From CP...
Jack Layton sent the Conservatives the clarion signal they have been demanding, stating unequivocally Tuesday that he is committed to helping them bring down the government at the next available opportunity.

"We are very clear," Layton told reporters in Vancouver.

"If there's non-confidence motions before the House (of Commons) we'll be voting against confidence."

"We don't believe the government deserves our confidence any longer."

Layton went a step farther than Harper, stating that he would also vote against the Liberals' supplementary budget estimates Dec. 8 or any other confidence matter.

None of the MSM is broadcasting this yet, likely saving it for tomorrow's news cycle, or keeping it on the QT on behalf of their Liberal friends.

Now, the Party has responded that this isn't good enough... but with a coming election that will be fought on Ethics and Accountability, you know there's NO WAY he'll be dumb enough to shoot himself in the foot by doing something that shows him to be unethical or untrustworthy!!!

You can read all about it here from CP.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, if the NDP will sign on to be the seconder of the motion on Tuesday. As I've had to keep saying since Gomery... stay tuned.

My Liberal MP

My MP was here today, at my workplace. Boy did I want to say something, (I've spoken to their office several times over the years) but I like my job too much, so I bit my tonuge. I may need stitches...

3 Minutes

Just 3 minutes. That's how long it takes to run down a flight of stairs, set up a projector, boot up the XP laptop, hook it all up, and launch a presentation in the Hospital's board room.

Whew. Nothing like having things ready to go in advance. The presenter came to me 5 minutes ago and told me she got the times wrong... she was supposed to start at 1pm, not 1:30! When she came to my door, the time was 1:01pm... BUT THE I.T. DEPARTMENT WAS UP TO THE CHALLENGE! Funny, I was in the middle of (on my lunchbreak of course) reading an article on the preparedness of all the major parties for the campaign trail. Nothing like being prepared!

I needed a shot of excitement for the day. Now back to scanning the headlines...

Just waiting...

It's like waiting by the phone for that call you've been waiting for. Just watching the headlines, waiting for someone to make the first move.

It's annoying!

Political Donations

Okay, here's my two cents on the donations to the parties... the Conservatives KILLED the Liberals again, at a rate of about 2.5 to 1. Totals so far this year are $4.9 million for the Liberals, and over $10 MILLION for us.

Trying to find the source article, but the Liberal MP from Scarborugh/Pickering was quoted as saying "I think there's a difference in the numbers because the Conservative Party members tend to be more affluent."

Excuse me? No, it's because all the grannies, hardworking families, and individuals like me chip in $20 or $100 here and there, faithfully, and regularly. Because we don't need $1000 or $5000 dinners or cocktail parties to raise our capital. And what's with the report of 24 Liberal $5000 donors in Edmonton? Looks like Anne's been supported by the money folk of Edmonton! (note, there were only 28 $5000+ donors reported by the Libs last quarter... Anne's riding accounts for 86% of them!)

I chipped in $20 at the last EDA meeting. Likely will anoter $20-$40 before the end of the year, and, of course, will put in my $10 membership once again.

THAT'S HOW YOU BUILD A WARCHEST. With honest money from honest citizens who want their voice to be heard in Ottawa.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Wow. I take all the comments of my previous post back... Stephen Harper is REALLY good... he knows how to play the game alright. No one in the media reported this statement that Mr. Harper made...

"We're prepared to bring down the government, but he'll have to contact us and indicate how he intends to do that," Harper told reporters. [...]

Harper said he would be willing to discuss with Layton the option of allowing the New Democrats to use the Conservative's "opposition day" on November 15 to introduce a no-confidence motion.

Read it for yourself here.

Ball's back in your court Jack... then again, who knows? They may even be on the phone as we speak...

Another stalemate - who's gonna pull the plug?

Okay, now I'm getting annoyed. I finally heard the news I've been waiting for all weekend... Jack's not going to prop them up, and the NDP will support any confidence motion set before the House. Then Mr. Harper says we won't table one, he's leaving that to the NDP. And the Bloc is waiting on us.

Mr. Harper, I supported your leadership bid, shook your hand (twice) in Fredericton, and I know that you are the only man to be our next PM... so let's show the country we know how to build a consensus AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND SET UP A MEETING WITH JACK AND GILLES!

Okay, I feel better now that's off my chest. This is only going to blow up in our faces if we let it go on for more than a day. Otherwise, everyone will be questioning if we have the ability to run the country, as we're likely going to need a strong ability to build consensus if we end up in a minority situation.

Call Jack, set up a meeting and his PUBLIC commitment to bringing down the House IMMEDIATELY. Then, if he goes back on his word, HE'LL GET KILLED IN THE NEXT ELECTION AS HAVING NO ETHICS!!! He's not going to break his word right now, that's going to be the key issue!

Extend the offer to the other parties; a clear-cut, can't back out of it offer. "We will put forward a motion of confidence on Nov. 15 IF Mr. Layton and Mr. Duceppe give us a 100% commitment that they will vote in support of it."

If they say they will, then go back on it, you know that the voters will punish them for it come ballot time.


WOO HOO! Jack won't support Libs!


Report from CTV.

NCC Rejects Brison's Appology

Ouch... Gerry Nicholls, President of the National Citizen's Collalition, has rejected Scott Brison's appology for his slanderous and innaccurate comments about the NCC and its former president, Stephen Harper.

The NCC wants him not only to eat crow, but wants him to eat a live one with the cameras rolling... read the NCC's reply to Mr. Brison here.

A "Premature" Election

Here's what the PM said yesterday...

"And this is, I believe, our best chance of really making a significant difference. I don't think anybody wants to see that first ministers meeting effectively cut off by a premature election."

In who's opinion is an election "premature?" IT'S OVERDUE!!! Once again, they prove that they think they alone are entitled to rule the country.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Which soldier type are you?

You scored as Officer. Officer, your the brass. The leader of the bunch. You have leadership qualities, or you have a really big ego. Most likely both. You know how to get things done, and don't care who you have to kill to get them done. Your a man/woman with a mission and to stand in your way means pain. You have gumption and intelligence to back it up.

Hold the line!!! AND SOMEONE GET ME COFFEE!!!

Which soldier type are you?

Funny that... Patton is one of my favorite movies...

Yikes... a long and growing list

BBS posted a list of 199 reasons he WON'T be voting Liberal... and a couple more reasons have been added by commentors.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Did the PM know about Sponsorship?

I read something tonight that shed new light on this whole Sponsorship affair. In Willaim Johnson's book, "Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada", he makes a very interesting point that may prove that the then Finance Minister, Paul Martin, knew perfectly well about the redirection of funds used for Sponsorship.

In early 2004, the PM tried to dodge a question on the "national unity reserve" by stating that it had been created by Brian Mulroney in 1992. But, as William states, this fund was reauthorized in 1996 (beginning of Sponsorship Program) by the then Finance Minister. I'll quote from page 352:

The [national unity] reserve had been created in 1992 when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister. But it automatically lapsed under a sunset clause in 1996 and it had then been specifically renewed, reinstated, and that had required the signature of the Finance Minister - of Paul Martin. He had, indeed, signed it.

My goodness... is this the proof that he knew something was up?

My Previous CBC Post

Ahhh, I see their on the ball now... ;-)

The poll is their lead story now. Better late than never. And I just heard on CBC Radio that The Right Hon. Paul Martin is telling everyone why a Christmas election would be bad...

The CBC - Interesting

Just took a look at all the major Canadian new sites... and the CBC is the only one that is not reporting the fact that the Liberals are dropping in the polls. All the other sites have it as a lead story, but it appears nowhere on CBC's main page.

So, are they Liberal friendly, or are they a "slow-out-of-the-gate-why-are-we-paying-for-this" organization?

You decide.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wow... Rex Murphy puts it well

Rex Murphy, from The National on CBC, really tore a strip out of the Liberal Party yesterday. Read all about it, reprinted here.

That is a summary of why we as a nation can't vote Liberal, at least not until they are "fixed in a generation".

Heart stopped for a moment...

I was watching the live feed from the House of Commons (or, rather, listening to it in the background while working on other things) and there seemed to be some confusion for a moment. So I pulled it up, and a messenger had arrived and said, "It has been requested that the House join the Governor General in the Senate immediately." Because of the confusion, this appeared to me, a newbie, to be somewhat of a surprise to the House. So, immediately, my heart starts pounding, and I'm thinking to myself, "My goodness, have they actually gone and done it? Have they done what I recommended they do? Has Jack joined in and they went to the GG and asked her, as the majority in the House, to dissolve Parliament? Could it be?"

Nope. Turned out to be some stupid thing called "Royal Assent". Kidding, I know what Royal Assent is. But would they mind not giving us all a head-fake on a day when we're all watching, hoping the House will fall?

Okay, I'm way too obsessed right now...
Did I mention that I like Warren Kinsella?

Here's one of his posts today, with advice to all the party leaders, reprinted in full...

November 3, 2005 - I smell election. It's coming.

Harper: policy, hope, you love the country.
Layton: get away from Martin's blast radius, fast.
Duceppe: keep doing what you're doing. It works.
Martin: go jump in a lake with the rest of the "rookie mistake" gang.

Hoo boy. This one's going to be fun.

Blogging Tory Button

Here's my idea for a button; just a rush job using MSPaint. I think it would be great for local EDA meetings and such. It was inspired by Angry's "Banned for Life Liberal" button. Well, not inspired, I've had this idea for a month or so now, but it just found expression thanks to Angry.

Yes, I know, it still needs some work. Whadya say Stephen? (Taylor) Please please please? I'll buy one for sure!

Is Jack Ready to Scrap?

Check out the latested edition of the eNDP newsletter... could these be tough words to get the party faithful ready to fight an election? I SEE NO MENTION OF HEALTHCARE ANYWHERE IN THIS!

All I can say, in rising hope, is this...


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My thoughts

Someone on my friend's forum asked what everyone's thoughts are on the Gomery report. So, I gave them mine. Here they are...

The report finally confirmed that we knew was true... the Liberal Party is corrupt. This was only regarding one of several scandals we know of, where people or companies donate to the Liberal Party, and then they get large contracts from the Government. Yes, this has gone on for decades, but by no means does that make it right.

Here's the lowdown: In this scandal, a secret program was created by the former Prime Minister with the intention of "raising Canada's profile in Quebec". (You try and define what that means) There were no checks and balances, and it was run out of the PM's Office by a couple of staff and a civil worker named Chuck Guite. (that's why the former PM has been blamed)

An admittedly small group of people (Liberals) connected to this program gave big bucks in contracts to Liberal friendly ad companies in Quebec, who did only a little work, and charged $$$ for it. Then, these ad companies, and/or their owners, took some of their profits, and donated them back to the Liberal Party of Canada in Quebec, who then used this money, illegally donated, to help win seats in Quebec. Then these companies got more contracts, and more money, and the cycle continued for years.

This is not the only time this has happened. With the Liberals in power, Liberal friends have been appointed as judges, senators, received high paying jobs in other areas of government, etc. This is NOT how an honest government works.

I like to think of it this way... your taxes and mine have been used to pay for Liberal lawn signs in Quebec in the last three elections. Signs which were then tossed into the garbage. Your taxes, hard at work!!!

As for the fallout... the present PM, The Right Hon. Paul Martin, was not blamed for this. However, as the head of the Liberal Party of Canada, his party should be held accountable. Now, they are going to return $1.14 million dollars back to the Canadian people, however, that money should not have been taken in the first place. When a regular thief is caught, they pay it back what they took, and then go to jail, plain and simple. The fact that this party is still free to run the country is in my view, unacceptable.

To that end, two of the three Opposition parties, the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecuois, want to force the government into an immediate election. But to do so, they need the help of Jack Layton, leader of the NDP. He wants to use this opportunity to force the Liberals to agree to some of his party's views. He has given them until tomorrow to agree, or else. He has not, however, indicated what the "or else" may be.

They may involve teaming with the other two opposition parties and trying to force an election this week. (some argue it can't be done, but I think that there are ways to do it) Or, he may team with the other parties to force an election during the Christmas break.

Some say "no one wants an election over Christmas", but I say, who cares? The Conservative Party will be able to get more of their supporters out over the break, and many "soft" Liberal supporters won't bother to come out, therefore, we may do better in the polls.

Does that summarize my thoughts enough for you?

Here's a good summary post of some of the scandals that no one has yet been held accountable for.

Reasons NOT to vote Liberal

Here's 1.14 million reasons NOT to vote for the Liberal Party of Canada...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tell Jack what you think

Do what I did. Pick up the phone.

Contact Us

Canada's NDP
300 - 279 Laurier West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J9

Phone: 613-236-3613
Toll Free: 1-866-525-2555
Fax: 613-230-9950
TTY: 1-866-776-7742

Another thing I was right on

Warren has awakened.

Look out Martinites.

It all comes down to Jack

Will he or won't he? If he doesn't, you can be sure that he'll get killed in the spring, once the Liberals have a chance to spin this into oblivion.

I was right

Info was leaked to the Globe and to CTV. Anyone want to disagree that there is bias?