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Monday, April 11, 2005

"The GOMERY Effect"

Oooooh... that's the phrase coined by the CBC on the National tonight in reference to the sudden plummet of the Liberal Party in the polls.

I think I like it. The Gomery Effect. I'll be using that one.


The AdScam story hit the main pages on CNN and the BBC!

Here we go... and the world is watching!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Waiting, Watching, Praying!

Just waiting for Mr. Gomery to lift the ban. We, the people, need to know what happened. Where our money went. And who's responsible.

The PM called in the RCMP to investigate his own party. Now hang on a minute, let's think this one through logically. If they can't run their own party, how on EARTH can they run the country?

Just finished watching The West Wing. Man I love politics. I just wish people in this country would think their votes through before casting them. I read a blog about a survey done in Toronto, asking people why they vote Liberal all the time. Majority said "It's what I've always done." or "My family always has, so I do too." Read my initial post on this blog. I just wish people would THINK before marking an "X" in a spot. Now, I'm not complaining that people vote Liberal... though I hate that. I just hate the nonsensical reasons they do. The majority, the MAJORITY, of people I speak to who have voted Liberal NEVER talk about a policy or some rational reason why they do. They just talk about the "hidden agenda" tagline that some Liberal policy wonk invented to get a soundbyte on the air.

The infamous "Hidden Agenda". Humm. I think the agenda has been pretty clear to me. Hey, I'll say this; it sure beats a party with no agenda.

Other than this same-sex marriage "rights" attempt at an agenda, I can't recall any specific things that this government campaigned on during the election. All I can remember is Paul Martin saying "The Reform-Alliance-Conservative-Progressive-Ultra Right Wing-Hidden Agenda-Anti Abortion-Anti Women-Racist-Bigoted-Can't be trusted Party is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY scary, so don't vote for them."

And the Canadian people bought it.

Man oh man, this great country of ours really gets to me sometimes.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Please Lift the Ban Mr. Gomery - TIME FOR AN ELECTION!!!

Okay kiddies... who thinks we gonna have an election?

Due to the publication ban, I can't post any details... but some US site posted details about this weeks testimony before Mr. Gomery, and it was, shall we say, DEVASTATING to the Liberal party. Word on the street is that the Libs are TRYING to force an election over this weeks Kyoto ammendments in the Budget bill, stuff that the Cons HAVE to vote against in principle, and thus trigger an election BEFORE the Gomery report hits the table... and thus save some face, and their chances of running the country. IF CANADIANS GET THE GOMERY INFO, THE LIBS ARE DEAD! Martin will be so badly defeated, that he'll have to resign.

That's a whole bunch of IFs... and I've heard that the Bloc may introduce a non-confidence motion in the House this week. (they could, in theory, if these allegations are true, sweep all the seats in Quebec) And that's IF the Tories support the motion.

Whole lot of IFs...

AND, if the House falls... the Same-Sex Marriage bill DIES ON THE TABLE.

Here's hoping... even if JUST for that.